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Sand art in a bottle…

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We came across this guy at Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai. A master at his art


Life’s curve ball

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Ooty , Queen of the hills, With her lush green bosom welcomed me in to the world. Sliding down grassy hillocks. bathing in waterfalls, trekking, climbing trees, stuffing our little faces with peaches, berries and running wild were our favorite past times.

When I was 20, Dubai beckoned me with the promise of a job. I landed here in July, leaving behind torrential rain and a bone chattering weather. Dubai was hot… hot was an understatement. The heat wave almost sent me to the emergency room during my first summer here.

Since then, I’ve grown to love the beautiful landscapes of Dubai, the Wadi’s, the desert, the beaches, the architecture and the people….

Dubai’s Skyline

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Dubai's Skyline

A city that embraces innovation and has risen purely from hot sand and warm hope.

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